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I Love You! Will You Marry Me?

I can't tell you enough,
How much you really mean to me,
All the stars in the night sky,
Could not sum up all my feelings.
Butterflies beating their wings against a glass jar,
Sums up the feeling in my stomach,
Everytime I talk to you,
But what it can't say is,
How much I love you.
NO romance novel could tell what I feel,
Mr. Webster he has no clue,
Eistein may be smart but he don't know,
That with my mouth I say sincerely from my heart,
I love you.
All the people in this world,
Have no idea what I feel for you,
A fine hand on soft skin could not compare,
To the way my heart beats inside,
Loving you every minute of my life.
If God could look down upon me,
The love he has for everyone could not even measure up,
To what I feel for you.
A thousand angels singing,
But your the one who pulls the strings of my heart,
As I love you far more than any one before.
Beautiful! Sexy! Gorgeous! Hot! 
Your so much more than that to me,
As I always and will love you.
Two months can pass by and we not see each other,
Women can lay at my feet,
But the one I would choose over all,
Is you my darling.
The waterfalls in Canada are beautiful,
But not as much as you,
So please while I am down upon my knees,
Answer this one question,
Will you marry me?


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  1. •*´¨`*•.(♥) Let me think •*´¨`*•.(♥)


    ♥ So pretty! ♥ this is the dream the many persons special women marry with the person that you love. None relationship is perfect, but is really nice and beautiful overcome all the challenges become and growing old together wonderful!!

    The love a feeling so powerful and beautiful, is one of the most important values ​​in the hearts of people♥.

  2. Where I can find a man with feelings so beautiful like yours? Because no one who never known what love is, could write with deep passion like yours. Only one person that know what is be in love can write that amazing poem.

  3. God Mine!... You like Solomon!... everything is beautiful!

  4. This was utterly amazing. The words flowed like water over the sand at the beach. It was perfect. The depth of emotion shown in this poem was unbelievable.
    Amazing just wow
    Thank you for this beautiful poem it truly touched my heart, I actually ad tears in my eyes after reading this and that hardly happens...
    thank you

  5. que bello poema!! Gracias por compartirlo ;)

  6. I saw this poem, I found it cute to share it with you :D



    feel your hand is my caress,
    feel your dream is my desire,
    feel your look is my rest,
    feel that your name is my song,
    feel your mouth is my refuge,
    feel your soul is my gift.
    Feel that you exist ...
    feel...I live to love you,

    God bless you remenmber always keep God in your heart simplicity and humbleness :)
    I wish meet you , but only you and me haha.. (^.^)

  7. waaoo! que espectáculo de poema, que hombre tan hermosoo! *__*


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